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A little more info

West Yamba, sometimes referred to as WYURA (West Yamba Urban Release Area) is a 127 hectare site a few hundred meters behind Yamba Road.  ​

WYURA is a low lying flood plain and wetland, containing several sensitive ecosystems and vulnerable species. It was rezoned as Urban Residential in April 2010 by Clarence Valley Council. It is also listed as an area of growth in the 2009 Mid North Coast Regional Strategy. This strategy also identified  James Creek and Gulmarad as growth areas. The appropriateness of these sites for large scale development has been long contested by residents, scientists and environmentalists. Several community groups including Valley Watch fought the rezoning and while they were not successful they did succeed in keeping the environmental protection riparian zones on the banks of Oyster Channel. However, the Mid North Coast Regional Strategy also stated that West Yamba is a growth area with ‘Significant issues’ and states that ‘Any potential development is be consistent with a final floodplain risk management plan’. Currently there is no Masterplan for the West Yamba development site and no coherent flood management strategy for its development.

  • The land is severely flood prone and likely to be heavily impacted by climate change and sea level rise

  • The displaced water from this site will affect surrounding areas

  • The area contains important and sensitive ecosystems which will be severely damaged or destroyed by the development

  • The area is a crucial part of the catchment of Lake Wooloweyah, already listed as under significant threat by the Healthy Rivers Commission

  • The site has Acid Sulphate soils



  • There is no coherent Masterplan addressing - flooding, traffic, public green space, nature corridors, community buildings, facilities, bike paths, pedestrian walkways and bus routes. ( Yamba is already under pressure at beaches, car parks, boat ramps etc during times of high visitor inflow )

  • With no disaster evacuation plan for current Yamba residents, adding thousands to our population has the potential of a future emergency being a disaster waiting to happen.

  •  Increasing Yamba’s population when there is only one access road to the town makes the population particularly vulnerable if the road is blocked by floodwaters or due to a traffic incident. Particularly in light of our ageing population.

In broad terms development of the kind proposed in this area is inappropriate because:



A little (shocking) history

In 2007 CVC Director of Environment and Planning acknowledged that development of West Yamba was “out of step” with planning regimes.


He said...


“If we were to start the process today there would be doubts as to whether Council should proceed.”


The then Mayor stated...


“It may be that people who are flood–proof at the moment will be put at risk.”

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