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About us

Who's behind this

We are residents of the Lower Clarence Valley who are seeking a sustainable and liveable future for Yamba and its surrounding villages. Our aim is to ensure Yamba’s future is shaped by community interests not just developers’ profits.


We hope to work together with Clarence Valley Council and land developers to create the best outcome for Yamba’s community and develop a safe, sustainable, liveable and environmentally responsible plan for West Yamba. If you want to sign up to receive emails about what’s going on, including information on any community action or meetings taking place click here.

What are we asking for?

'Responsible town planning', including:

  • An overall plan for West Yamba and all new major development areas prior to accepting any more development applications

  • A future ban on rezoning flood prone areas for large developments

  • A reduction in the number of properties proposed for West Yamba, to something more sustainable for the town, 600 maximum

  • Increased public green space, bike paths, nature corridors and retention of overland flow paths ( natural floodways)

  • Public and community facilities to cater for an increased population to be included in the Masterplan for West Yamba.

  • A price cap on new properties that the council is labelling as affordable housing

  • A guarantee that existing homes will not be impacted by increased storm/flood waters that result from Council's permission to fill flood prone land. 

  • An emergency evacuation plan

  • To ensure the responsible and very reasonable Development Control Plan Objectives and Controls are both implemented, as detailed in the existing DCP Part X for West Yamba (see pages 203 -228)  (subject to reduced overall residential limit of 600 lots)

Our purpose

We are concerned Clarence Valley community members seeking a more sustainable and liveable future.

We aim to ensure development is carried out responsibly and Yamba's future is shaped by community interests over developer profits.

Our goals

1. Information


To facilitate productive communication between community, local council and state government to ensure large scale developments in the Lower Clarence Valley are undertaken responsibly, with full consideration for the local community's needs, values and with respect for the natural world and unique flora and fauna that we share this land with.

2. Appropriate development

Outlaw large scale land fill developments on flood plains in the Lower Clarence valley by 2022

3. Co-operation


To work with council to create a future vision and ethos for development in the Lower Clarence Valley

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